Privacy Policy

Fairpoint Mediation LLC will not share or sell your email address or other contact information at any time. Ever.

Mediation is a form of settlement negotiation. Mediation discussions, any drafts or worksheets and any unsigned mediated agreements shall not be admissible in any court, administrative hearing or any other contested proceeding, subject to the exceptions provided in §13-22-307 C.R.S. Before mediation, both parties must agree not to call the mediator to testify concerning the mediation nor to provide any materials from the mediation in any court or other contested proceeding between the parties. However the mediator may testify to defend herself against any claim of willful or wanton misconduct.  Under mandatory reporting statutes, the mediator may be required to disclose any communication of intent to commit a felony, to inflict bodily harm upon oneself or another, or any threat to the safety of a child under the age of eighteen.

If both parties sign a written agreement reached during mediation, then that agreement will not be confidential.  Any written agreement signed by both parties will be admissible in court as evidence of a binding and enforceable contract.

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